Hi, my name is Sloan Baker and I’m a student from Atlanta, Georgia. 
I’m currently in the Tulane school of architecture studying design and applied arts. My initial curiosity for design began at an early age, and I quickly turned that curiosity into a passion. I began teaching myself the Adobe platforms, and created logos that I translated onto clothing as a passion project during quarantine. When I realized the more I practiced the better I got - I began designing social media assets and graphics for companies and my sorority chapter.
 I’m open to all kinds of design work, although I am always drawn to projects that allow me to be creative and bold. I love translating creative concepts into designs to establish big ideas and identities. My current aspiration is to work at a creative agency to help develop brands. I’ve always admired creative agencies that can take a simple idea and expand it in order to create something that draws an audience and a following back time after time. 
After taking visual communication and advocacy as well as comprehensive design studios - I’ve learned to appreciate getting my hands dirty and working hard to accomplish a goal no matter how long it takes. My experience in the tulane school of architecture really pushed me to think outside my typical approach to design. I value collaboration and critique, as well as trusting myself and BELIEVING in my capabilities as a young designer.
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